A Custom Action Figure of Daya from OITNB, Dascha Polanco


When Netflix needed a Custom Action Figure of Daya played by actress Dascha Polanco for their hit show Orange is the New Black they called HeroBuilders.com

HeroBuilders was able to reproduce Daya in exacting details. When Netflix called, the job was for all the cast members and Daya is 5th one in the series.


The Netflix team also asked about making custom action figure clothing to match the clothes each actor wore in the hit show OITNB. HeroBuilders did not disappoint! HeroBuilders was able to reproduce each outfit in great detail which in this case included a fake baby bump!

When you need a custom action figure that looks like you, dresses like you and talks like you, HeroBuilders is the best of the best!


Custom Action Figures By HeroBuilders

HeroBuilders Custom Action Figures

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Happy to see the Team Emil Vicale and the Team at HeroBuilders make the Nickelodeon custom action figures for the TV spot for Danger and Thunder!