HEROBUILDERS.COM was started in February of 2002 , We started with one simple action figure of George W Bush. This was actually a figure that I made for myself and had on my desk. As more and more clients and friends came in to my Design Studio and would see this figure everyone would say ” hey you should sell that”, “put it on the web”. Well I finally did after my IT guy was updating services and he said “hey you should put that on the web”. So that night we opened a one page site without any images just a simple description and the very next morning we had one single order,,, that is the brief account of how HEROBUILDERS.COM was started.

HeroBuilders continued its growth and created the Custom Action Figure industry. HeroBuilders Custom Action Figures are the best in the Industry. HeroBuilders Custom Action Figures are made from just 2 images, and herobuilders custom action figures can even talk with our custom talking chip. Another innovation is the addition of custom clothing, so if you want an exact outfit on your custom action figures all we need is an image and we can create that too.

Since then we have grown and have added more POLITICAL ACTION FIGURES than any other company, we have also added new brand figures HOTBOX, pioneered On Demand Toys semi custom action figures and we fully custom action figures that look like you, custom toys using our rapid prototype systems and much more to come.

I would like to thank every person who has shopped here, large orders or small I appreciate every single order that has come into this company. I also still insist that we make most of the products here in the USA unlike other companies. Once again thank you for everything.

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